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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Directionless No More

A previous post titled The Writer Between Projects summarized a dilemma about what to work on next. Now it's good to have worked that out and to have a plan.

  1. Finish proofing galley for the print edition of The Dreamer Gambit.
  2. Final touches on short story entry for Writers of the Future
  3. Submit new novel to publisher after a last going-over on the manuscript.
  4. Start work on sequel to The Dreamer Gambit.
On a personal note, another earlier post was a tribute to our dear cat Lizzie who passed away a couple of months ago. At the end of the piece, I wrote that we would be visiting another animal shelter to adopt another kitty or two. Well, we did it. Misty and Mira became our newest family members on August 19. They are sisters, litter mates, and they needed to go as a bonded pair. They are awesome! Full of energy and joy and loving affection. They took over the house the night we brought them home, and they captured our hearts. Misty is mostly gray with a cute white moustache and white tips on her paws; she's the shy one but learning to lose that shyness in a hurry. Mira is pitch black, our "stealth kitty," the bold explorer. They're 17 months old and quite a handful. Misty is fascinated by the computer; wants to sit in my lap and watch the little arrow move around the screen. Mira likes TV. A friend gave us a clock which has two cats painted on it and the legend "Happiness Is A Home With Cats." How utterly true.

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