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Friday, September 20, 2013

When Is It Enough

Almost done with a read-through of "Where Power Lies," and based on how much I have changed along the way, I wonder if another will be required. Hurried changes are always culprits for new errors, and I received a lesson in that yesterday. In a few idle moments, I picked up a copy of "Seer, Tyro, Fiend" and found two typos! I believe they can be fixed for future print runs, and I wonder if I should look for more

Another cause for caution is that I'm eager to get into the new Windsong Lake book more and I fear that will make me rush through my proofreading even more. And I still have to do a synopsis for "Power" before I can query my publisher for interest in it, plus cover art, etc. I know there are those who would tout the luxury of having a deal with one of the major publishing houses where they take care of the editing and the cover art and the promotion, but those also take a long time to reach the market and they exercise a lot of control over the finished product. While I have to do more of the work with a small publisher, I have more artistic control and also see results much faster.

All that being said, the real limiting factor here is my own impatience to write new books. Can't just turn off the imagination machine, after all.

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