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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fun Stuff

"Where Power Lies" got its final trim and is now just under 80,000 words. It'll take another proofreading before I consider it done, though. All that cutting could have created more errors. I'll attack that after another rest period.

Making HUGE strides on Windsong Lake Vol.3, which I have started to think should have the title "The Secret of Mongan Manor." I've almost completed the passage where Stefanie is asked to employ her skills at the title estate to find a secret about the right of inheritance. Infighting among branches of the family tree will make for conflict, and there is a strong tendency for psychic ability within the clan which will provide challenges for Stefanie. Since her husband, Paul, is already experiencing his own conflicts and it has caused some uneasiness between them, that's another line of plot.

And just this moment, as I pondered what to say about my remaining plot issue, i.e., should there be a murder involved, I arrived at the answer. Yes, there will be a murder, although I'm not sure yet whodunit.

Now, this is the fun stuff!

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