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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Getting Ready for "Dabblers"

I figured out how to get an image file of the "Dabblers" cover out of the galley PDF file, so I'm updating a couple of websites early. The page on this blog now shows the cover, as does my Google site, Kathryn Flatt, Writer. Shelley at Write Words has remarked how much she likes the cover art on this. It's my own combination of an image found on the web, overlaid to look like it's outside a window. The sketches on the bottom part are mine except for the one of trees in the center which is supposed to look more like a real artist did them instead of Stefanie's very crude "sleep drawings." I arranged the sketchpad, drawings, and pencil on a black surface and took a digital photo of it which I then transferred to my computer. The blood spots were clipped from web images and placed on top of that. (Tried making fake blood, but it didn't look right, and I was not about to try to get any of my own!)

Once the book comes out, anyone reading it will reach descriptions of the "sleep drawings" and be able to find those drawings on the cover. I have high hopes for "Dabblers," mainly because of the popularity of paranormal subjects. Ideas for a sequel are swimming around in the back of my head.

I have also made some progress on "Stranger Faces," having gotten through the Big Scene which pits good guys against bad in a final showdown that concludes the mystery. The last chapter is for wrap up of where everybody is after that. Of course, there will be many more passes before I even get to proofing it.

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