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Monday, October 22, 2012

Catching Up

Into the final chapter of "Stranger Faces" and the final scene. Then it will be time to go back and fill things out and do editing. Lots of editing. I have become aware of an underlying theme for the novel as well. Because Tracy put her life on hold after her mother and brother were killed long before the first book took place, she can be a little bit backward in her relationships with people. Each book, along with a mess for her to extricate herself from, adds a new layer to her personal development, learning how to deal with different types of relationships. With the third book nearing completion, I see what her lesson is, and part of the editing process will be to refine passages that support it. I don't want to be more specific as I never want to produce "spoilers" in my posts.

Then there's the cover art. I have some ideas, but I must try to continue the imagery used in the first two books. The main element is the outline of one more more faces, but I have yet to figure out what the background should look like. Considering the title, which I certainly want to depict on the cover in some fashion, I have been looking at images of, well, strange-looking faces. I also thought I might try to fiddle with the face outline from "Game Faces" to try to create an expression of surprise. As for the background, there are a number of possiblities. There are scenes in Chicago which could provide some imagery, and there are some explosions later in the book which suggest flames in the background. At this point, I guess I'll keep searching for the right elements.

I've been using Twitter to try to pump up interest in "Dabblers" ahead of its release. Each day, I put a sort of teaser line out there in a tweet, but it's getting tougher to come up with something new that might pique people's interest and not give away anything. Thus far, each day I've started thinking about what else to say and wondering if I can come up with anything, and each day I do. Nine more tweets to go until the release.

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