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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


More progress being made on "Stranger Faces," heading up to the point where it's kind of a free-for-all with every player involved. I really want to go for the humor here but with a dangerous edge, sort of like the denouement of "Two Faces, Two Faced."

I've also been giving more thought to what my next project should be, and the short story compilation holds ever greater appeal. Many of the stories have appeared on Authors Den and Writers Cafe already, but many could stand a touch of editing, which I discovered after reading a couple of them in the last week. So here's the list:

  • River of Ghosts (ghost story)
  • Night Vision (ghost story)
  • In Memory Of (ghost story)
  • Squatters (science fiction)
  • Tourist Season (science fiction)
  • Second Coming (science fiction)
  • Pets (science fiction)

There are a few more--one previously written, one mostly written, and two still just ideas--that would be included. Quite a collection now that I see it all listed.

Thinking about the finished stories, I really wish I was more of an artist. I have ideas for illustrations that could go with them. Alas, while I can squeak by in designing covers for my novels out of bits and pieces, I just don't have the talent or time or patience to draw from scratch. Especially people. I was never good a drawing people. Landscapes? Maybe.

This is an invitation to any visitors to leave a comment if this sounds like an interesting project.

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