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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hooray for Progress!

The galleys for "Two Faces, Two Faced" print edition arrived today. Can't wait to get started proofing, although it is always a challenge to proofread something I have already read so many times before. It's easy to fall into a mode of seeing what should be there and not what actually is.

Something I've tried to practice (although it can be tough) is multiple readings for different purposes. One reading is for close scrutiny of each word, sentence, paragraph to look for spelling and punctuation mistakes. The next round is to make sure the words convey what I intended. Yet another pass looks at formatting issues because the programs my publisher uses to take my RTF document and make it into a PDF file sometimes ignore what the word processor did. Italics seem to disappear, and sometimes paragraph changes  vanish too. While I try to make sure my final manuscript is consistent in its handling of these things, stuff happens.

While I only took time for a quick glance at the files I downloaded for proofing, I was uplifted by the first page of the book contents which had some reviews from the ebook version on

The galleys arrival gave me a sorely needed lift today after a personally challenging week.

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