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Friday, July 22, 2011

The Writer Between Projects

Well, "The Dreamer Gambit" is out there. It's even sold a couple of copies. Problem: what's next?

The between projects stage is always a tough one, especially now since I must still juggle a full-time job and organizing a new house. Even without the extra demands on my time, I still need to write, but the problem comes in deciding what to write.

I have been polishing an older manuscript--sort of a chick-lit adventure with a dose of humor--but it's at a "resting" point now. I find that I need to step back from a work for a time so I can look at it with fresh eyes.

Although I've published a book, I'm still eligible for the Writers of the Future Contest and have two ideas for that. I started one but wasn't sure where I wanted it to go. Then I started a second one which might go better.

A friend who was reading "The Dreamer Gambit" asked about a sequel. I actually have plans for a sequel, have had them for some time, but I wanted to wait to see if anyone out there might actually be interested in one. (Issue of writer's angst, always wondering if anyone will actually like what I write.)

I have also have a number of other older manuscripts in need of polishing to various degrees:

My first book, science fiction, in need of serious rewrite to incorporate all I have learned from my publishing experiences.

Book 2, a thriller with sci-fi overtones, sort of in the Dean Koontz vein.

Book 3 was "The Dreamer Gambit."

Book 4, a mystery-thriller with political themes which has seen more rewrites already than I care to remember, but perhaps it is gradually coming into its own. It made the rounds through any number of agent queries and even got into the hands of some publishers, but alas, no deal.

Book 5, a sort of cozy mystery wrapped up in earth-based religion.

Book 6, a sequel to Book 4, never completed. Why work on a sequel when you can't sell the original?

Book 7, sequel to "The Dreamer Gambit." See note above on Book 6.

Book 8, currently "on vacation" as mentioned in the third paragraph.

Book 9, thriller about an epidemic with a bit of a snipe at the insurance and drug industries.

So I have no shortage of material, just a problem deciding which one to work on.

Of course, the final overriding factor is which story "needs to get out." When the tale suddenly falls into place in my head, it demands being put into print (electronically speaking). Does that amount to following my muse? I never saw myself as having a muse.

The fact that I can choose whatever I want does not make the decision any easier. Maybe I could actually use a muse.

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