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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not All Hearts and Flowers

Yeah, I know. "The Dreamer Gambit" is sold on a couple of romance-heavy e-book websites. But there's more going on than a love story.

Car chase? Got one. Shootouts? A couple.

And a few more things: the FBI, a ruthless criminal, wannabe terrorists, computer geeks, feuding business moguls, a big explosion, conniving women, fight scenes, a dream sequence, comic relief (I hope) and of course, a love scene or two.

At the core is the puzzle, and as I believe I have posted earlier, I try to play fair. The clues are there in the early chapters, and while I hope readers don't figure it out before my detective does, what I do hope for is that when all is revealed at the end, a reader will smack his or her forehead with a "Duh! I should've seen it!"

I also hope this might encourage the non-romance readers out there to give "The Dreamer Gambit" another look.

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